Philosophy Poem: Darkness



Darkness is the absence or the lack of the Light of our Creator

Wickedness and evil are the hallmark of the Darkness hidden

The metaphor of Darkness conceals it danger via its own lies

Lack of knowledge and enlightenment encourages Darkness

Darkness is the destination of those who lack understanding


The Lord often speaks in a parable of the darkness of old

Often one can feel the essence of the Darkness around us

The Righteous have no need to be afraid of the Darkness

The Works of Darkness are shameful even to be spoken of

Darkness blinds the heart and eyes to ones own salvation


We can say we are a child of Light but by our hearts we are known

When we hate our own Brothers we are children of the Devil’s Darkness

To love the World and their lusts condemns us to living in this Darkness

The Darkness of this World is wicked and it and we shall soon pass away

The Love of God is the only Light with the Power to save us from the Dark

10 thoughts on “Philosophy Poem: Darkness

    1. I just reread it to make sure that my response to you is correct, on this poem I would have to say it was intended to be a little bit of both. I know that I am not a professional writer, not by an means would that be so, I just stumble along trying to be a writer and a poet but that does not qualify me to actually be either.


    1. Thank you Dolly for your kindness, and I totally agree with your ‘saying’, for that is definitely the truth. I hope that you have had a good Sabath my friend and I hope that you are able to have a good week. Stay safe, G-d bless.

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