Of course Christians indoctrinate their kids but, doesn’t everyone? 

Running The Race


One of the things I hear from evangelical non-believers all the time is that Christians indoctrinate their kids.

I would be fine with this if the accusation, as it more often than not does, didn’t include the implications that not only is indoctrination necessary to mold impressionable young minds because older people with critical thinking skills would never buy a religious myth but that it also an evil act that borders on child abuse.

When non-believers, depending on who they are of course, mention indoctrination to me I almost always think they imagine classrooms full of five and six year olds who are consistently threatened with eternal torture unless they blindly believe what they are told. That they imagine angry, prudish, bigoted, and close-minded parents relentlessly bludgeoning their kids with the idea that they are horrible sinners who will die a horrible death unless they admit they aren’t and will…

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