How One Man Accidentally Killed the Oldest Tree Ever

via How One Man Accidentally Killed the Oldest Tree Ever

One thought on “How One Man Accidentally Killed the Oldest Tree Ever

  1. This post was especially interesting to me. Some years back (don’t really want to say how many) I went with a group of photographers to get pictures of bristlecone pines in the White Mountains. We then visited the grove where the “Grandfather” tree of “Methuselah” tree lives. Phyllis Doyle tells us more about this grove and tree.

    Methuselah Bristlecone Pine on White Mountains

    Methuselah Bristlecone Pine was born in 2831 BC | Source
    Until the year 2013, Methuselah, an ancient Bristlecone pine, held the title of being the oldest living thing on Earth. Methuselah germinated before the Egyptian Pyramids were built. In 1957, samples were taken of Methuselah, dating its age as 4,789 years old. The estimated date of germination was 2832 BC. In 2013, an even older Bristlecone Pine was located within the same area and that tree has been dated as 5,064 years old.
    Methuselah, still a marvel in its own right, stands proud at about 9,800 feet above sea level. “Methuselah Grove”, which was named in honor of this grandfather tree, is where this tree and the other one grows. The grove is in the Ancient Bristlecone Pine Forest, which is part of the Inyo National Forest, which includes the Sierra Nevada of California mountain range and the White Mountains of California and Nevada. This national forest is also home to Mount Whitney, the highest point of the Continental United States.


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