Poem: Remember The Hate



Today I see a blog, remember this date in History

Every Country, every Family, has their tales to tell

Every County, every City and town has its own History

It may not be exciting, or, maybe a King was born

Maybe 50 years ago today you married a beauty Queen


We all have tells to tell, some good, some based in Hell

This day in your Family Tree, is there anything good to say

We should all try to be upbeat, isn’t life really just a play

Life can be so sweet, if we pretend darkness doesn’t exist

If we walk with head bowed a tree limb cracks our head


Life is filled with good yet there is plenty we may wish to forget

Do you remember your first kiss or the first time you got slapped

This date were you married, to a hateful person who haunts you yet

Today your child was born, or, today, it was hate that took them away

9-11-2001, Remember, it was pure hate that made this a date of infamy

4 thoughts on “Poem: Remember The Hate

  1. I remember 9/11. I remember hating the perpetrators. But I do not hate all persons who share the same religion as those who brought down the twin towers. Almost all Muslims are innocent of this and other terrorist crimes. We need to stop treating them like criminals.


    1. I agree with you, I feel sorry for the idiots who believe that such ideology is “God’s will”. Hate the sin, not the sinner. Any ideology that is filled with hate is sad and sickening, Islam, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish or Christianity. It is good to remember our faults, when others commit great sins against us it is only human to remember them, it is Spiritual, the will of God, to forgive them.

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