My Encounters with Organized Labor

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It’s a holiday weekend (Labor Day) here in the US. I wrote this post in 2013. Since so few people visited this blog at that point, I revised it for today. You’ll be please to know that I trimmed about 100 words off the original.

The first time I came face to face with organized labor was in the parking lot of a machine shop that made gun barrels. The night before, I had worked my first solo shift running the drills. The daytime driller met me in the parking lot with a scrapped gun barrel in one hand and my tally sheet in the other. I wasn’t sure how he got the tally sheet; I had dropped it into a locked box. He informed me that I had drilled too many barrels, pointing to an edited count with the end of the gun barrel – “this is how…

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3 thoughts on “My Encounters with Organized Labor

    1. You are welcome Sir, it is a very good article. I was a long haul truck driver here in the U.S. from 81-2013, I went to many hundreds of Union and non-Union shops, factories, warehouses and way to often Union shops were the worst places to have to go to get loaded or unloaded. What you spoke is simply the truth. Your article brought back many memories, since I read it I have been thinking about writing my own article on the issue, if I do I will credit you with jogging my memories and I will forward over you Blog address to so hopefully that will get a few more folks to click over to your site.—ted

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      1. Thanks – I think the best thing that can happen from writing is to encourage others to share their stories. I can only imagine what you experienced. I’d look forward to reading that post.


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