A Little Bit of Laughter…………..

Boundless Blessings by Kamal

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-Child: ‘Mummy why does Gandhiji have no hair on his head?’

Mummy: ‘Because he speaks only the truth.’

Child: ‘Now I understood why ladies have long hair.’

-Teacher: ‘How old is your father?’

Kid: ‘He is 6 years old’.

Teacher: ‘What? How is this possible?’

Kid: ‘He became father only when I was born’.

-THIS IS VERY HILARIOUS: When I was a kid homosexuality was a crime. When I was growing up homosexuality was a taboo. Now as per the Supreme Court it is legal. I better die before they make it compulsory.

-David: ‘I’m going to watch ‘Mission Impossible’ tonight’. 

James: ‘On Cable or at a Theater?’

David: ‘Not the film! My wife who is very fat, bought Slim Fit Jeans and she is going to try it on this evening!!!!!’

-I occasionally work with a Chinese guy Cheng. At an office function, we were having coffee and chatting.

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