Don’t be like Gollum!

Adventures of a Reluctant Mystic

“We cannot understand – not yet – but we can see how the more we lose our sense of separateness in the knowledge of the oneness of all living creatures, millions of small leaves on the one single tree of life, the more we shall lose our sense of self-importance, and so be liberated from our self-pity; a bondage so horrible that I believe it can bring us at last to a state not unlike that of Gollum, the dreadful creature Tolkien created, living alone in the dark, talking to himself, murmuring, ‘My precious. My precious.’

“But if that ‘my precious’ were to be the song of the leaves on the tree, each leaf delighting in all the others, there could be no love of self, no hatred and no sin, and none of the suffering that springs from sin. And since a tree has no voice but the wind…

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