US-EU “Brawling Love” Towards Iran


Shakespeare has never expected that the term “Brawling Love” or “Loving Hate” from Romeo’s oxymoronic speech would be re-acted in the Trump-era theatre.

This is not the first time that Trump surprises the International Community especially the European Community in keeping his controversial campaign promises and turning them into action.

After decertifying the Iranian Nuclear Deal and withdrawing from it last May, the White House continues on editing the Iranian theatrical scene by re-imposing former sanctions on Iran. Such an action has triggered a round of diplomatic reactions and disagreements within the European Union.

After the re-imposition of the sanctions, a sense of unity was also shown among the EU members by re-considering the revision of an obscure EU law known as “The Helms-Burton Blocking Statute of the European Union 1996.”

The above EU law was first passed after the US Congress credence of the Cuban Liberty and Democratic Solidarity…

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