In support of Stepmoms…

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The subject of Stepmoms is never an easy one.  Usually, I delve into myself for personal experiences but this is not one of those times, as I am not a stepmom, I am not equipped to speak knowledgeably.  As strong as I am, it takes a certain kind of strong “special” to be a stepmom. Each situation is different, all highly fraught with emotion and yes, there are different kinds of stepmoms, Cinderella’s stepmom included.   Yes, there are horror stories out there, I will not deny it. There are also beautiful worthy souls out there, deserving of being a wife, mom and mother.

A brief foray online revealed various support groups and movies about stepmoms. Had I been asked six months ago about stepmoms, I would recalled the tearjerker Julia Roberts movie Stepmom.  My heart went out to Susan Sarandon who portrayed a dying mom with sensitivity and depth…

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