I Want My Church to be Multi-Racial, Multi-Ethnic and Multi-Cultural.

Valerie Cullers

This past Sunday in church I sat next to a young Hispanic man. As I was thinking about our differences, I looked around at the people in our church, and I saw that each one of us is like a candle. The only difference was that each candle had a different color coating on the outside.

candles-2899921_640 photo by geralt – courtesy  of Pixabay

Years ago, I was watching Dr. A.R. Bernard, the Pastor of the Cultural Christian Center in Brooklyn, New York, on television. He was talking about how the leadership in his church purposely went after racial, ethnic and cultural diversity. They wanted their church to be representative of the city they were living in and be a microcosm of the world in general. I liked that idea and it stuck with me. He talked about how they would purposely seek out leaders from different backgrounds to be front…

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