So, Your Gay And I Don’t Agree With Your Life Style, So What


Here in the U.S. far to many people have become one issue oriented whether it be in their politics or in their personal lifestyle. So many people these days decide on who they like, love or hate over how that person believes on just one issue. Take politics, many people vote Republican because of the Republican platform stance on gun rights while many other people vote Democratic because of that same issue. Just as many people vote for Democrats and against Republicans because of the abortion issue. Those for it will vote for the Democrat and those against abortion will vote for the Republican.


Concerning the issue of ‘Gay rights’ and ‘LGBT rights’ when it comes to political parties here in the U.S. most people who are for these ‘rights’ do seem to be Democrats as Democrats do seem to be more pro-LGBT-Gay rights than what the Republicans are. But now, let us get to individual issues, lets put this on a personal level, just between you and me. First I will fire off my salvo’s so that there will be no doubt where I stand on these issues. This is best being there is no way that I can possibly speak for you. All I can do here is to pretend that you are a person that thinks totally ‘liberal’ about the ‘Gay’ issues.


Growing up, I to the best of my knowledge didn’t know any Gay kids, yet as an adult I did learn of some kids that were actually Gay, I was just unaware of it. My ‘kid days’ were back in the late 1960’s and the early 1970’s and back then this was definitely a ‘Closet’ issue, kids would have been beaten up for less than this. So, in the 1980’s some of these kids ‘came out’ as young adults. Living in a closet for years within ones own family would have to have been such a difficult thing to have to do. I am sure that if I had been Gay and my Dad would have found out he would literally have beaten me to death, no doubt about it. Now, my wife was born in 1965, she only had one brother, he was born in 1963, he died from Aids in 1992 at the age of 28. This is something that devastated their family of six. He ‘came out’ at the age of 18 and even his Mom tried to run over him with the family car. Needless to say he moved out of the house at age 18, 9 1/2 years later, he was dead. I never met him as he died 7 years before I ever met his sister yet I do honestly believe that we would have gotten along quite well as long as he didn’t do ‘gay’ thing right in front of me. I’m just being honest, yet it seems that he was a kind and decent person who would not have thrown his ‘gayness’ into people’s faces, just as I would never have belittled him for being gay.


Now I try to be the best Christian servant of God that I know how to be and my wife said that her brother knew that the Bible says that acting out on ones gay tendencies is a sin. She said her brother did not want to be gay, he simply was. He tried dating girls but he just wasn’t interested, it would have been like a straight guy trying to date another guy to prove that they are gay when they weren’t. My wife believes that being gay or being bi is a chemical issue in the brain that a person cannot have ‘spanked or beaten’ out of them. In other words, if you are gay, your gay.


No one likes to be told that the things that we do, like or believe is wrong yet reality is, some things are wrong. Regarding human laws, these laws tell us what is okay for us to do and what things will get us fined or arrested. Concerning God’s laws (sins) we are told what is okay and what things He does not want us to do. We each set up rules within our own homes and within our own minds as to what we will or will not accept as being okay. Some will not like some of the things that I am saying but O well, that’s life, deal with it. Just as I will disagree with some of you on this issue, I need to deal with it. Just because you disagree with me or I you on this issue or on a plethora of other issues does not give any of us the right to hate the other person or to physically harm the other person, to do either, is sin. Even though by Scripture the LGBT-Gay lifestyle is a sin and it is not one I personally approve of, if I hate you because you are Gay, that is a sin on me. God says that He hates the sins that we commit, but He still loves the sinner and every one of us are sinners, we may just have different sins that we commit. If I lie, that is a sin, if you act out your gay wishes, you have sinned.


Disapproving of each others lifestyles is just normal human ways. Are you old enough to remember how short-haired people ‘hated’ people with long hair? Or, maybe do you remember how people would ‘hate’ people who wore different style of clothes they themselves did? Hate toward one another, it is stupid, it is sinful. Just because I am hair deprived and you have long thick hair it is wrong of me to hate you, or you me. Just because I wear a pocketed T-Shirt to Church services and you wear a thousand dollar suit to Church, should we hate each other? Just as some people may have to walk to Church services or ride a bicycle while another drives a new BMW there, should we hate each other? In these areas there is also another sin to watch out for, it’s called envy. Should I hate or envy you because you are able to have a purple Mohawk hair style when I have no hair? Really, how childish, how sinful are we inside our own minds? Everyday our hate, shows all the people around us just how sinful ‘we’ are.


10 thoughts on “So, Your Gay And I Don’t Agree With Your Life Style, So What

  1. Good Morning. First of all, I would like to say that you organized your thoughts quite well and laid out all of your points clearly. I have read your posting at the minimum of five times. I wanted to be sure that I understood your view and did not misconstrue. In fact, I went to sleep and thought about whether I should respond to what you wrote or not. Then I thought you seemed like an open-minded person, that you would welcome a few insights. Religious beliefs are quite strong within many people and as the saying goes, “Don’t discuss politics or religion” if you want to remain friends. There are several ideas that I feel obliged to question. First of all, I am not sure if you believe that a gay person has a choice about being gay or not. Also, you seem to imply that being gay is a “lifestyle choice”–akin to choosing to live in the woods or in the city. Does one choose to be male or female when one is initially born? It is the DNA that decides and I do believe it is the same reason someone is gay or not. There is no fundamental choice of one’s sexual orientation. Unfortunately, it is not a proven scientific theory but it is also not proven that it is not. But for the sake of discussion, let us lay the premise that it is NOT a lifestyle choice—it is who a person is or is not. The choice comes in AFTER the fact. Should that person live who he or she is? People with very strong religious beliefs in most cases condemn homosexuality and homosexuals based on their misunderstanding of Scripture (the Bible). Since you have referred to the Bible and what the morality of your image of God is… several times…I feel you would be open to hearing some enlightening thoughts on the subject at hand. First of all, having read the Gospels of the New Testament more often than I can count, and having taken biblical studies at universities, here in the USA, Canada and England, I feel I could shed some light on this issue. The Gospels contain the reported words of Jesus and NOWHERE in the four Gospels, does Jesus ever condemn homosexuality or “being gay” as you put it. The words are never uttered from His mouth. St. Paul is NOT Jesus—and, yes, in his Letters / Epistles, St. Paul rips on gay people. But, as I have already said, Paul is not Jesus or God…and is “not the Gospel truth!” In the Old Testament (which I thought Jesus came to bring us the New Testament)–the overall theme is that no matter how many times humans sin, God will forgive us, and love us. In the OT there is also the story of Sodom & Gomorrah. In this story, sexual misconduct is condemned. What is being condemned here is the fact that when one army conquered the enemy, the male soldiers would sodomize their enemies as proof of the final conquest. THIS is what is being condemned in the often quoted passage…NOT homosexuality per se. There is this distinction. In the same book, the father of the house would offer his daughters to strangers for the night as a welcome to his house—do we think that is moral today? The point is: we choose to label what is moral or what is not—I do not think God has. We are invited to read the Bible to get a sense of the faithfulness and love of God—and his forgiveness of our errors–why do so many of us use it to judge others and condemn others? There is so much more that I could share with you—but space is limited and the discussion cannot take place in one response. My main points are that God does not condemn homosexuals–people do! and it is NOT a lifestyle choice. When a person lives his or her “gayness”–they are living being their fundamental self…just as you live being a heterosexual. I cannot believe a loving God would call a homosexual, who is living in a loving, committed relationship, a sinner. I think sin is reserved for hurting others, judging others, and being intolerant of others. Sin is living in darkness and refusing to love one another. Thank you for reading this. Have a great day!


    1. Excellent article, I enjoyed the read. No on one thing though, I don’t believe that being Gay is choice. I have a Brother-In-Law that died of the flu issue from having HIV. He died 7 years before I got to meet his Sister. I would like to have been able to know him. My wife says that He fought being Gay. My wife has helped teach me a few things in our past 20 years.

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      1. Well, I am probably as old as you are… and I think you are courageous to put your thoughts out there in the world! I admire your honesty. I now understand that you do not think being gay is a choice— but then WHY do you think loving another person of the same sexual orientation is a sin? I think we all judge each other much more harshly than a loving God would! When I think of sin, I think of myself deliberately hurting myself or someone else. Did you know that in the Early Christian Church there was actually a Blessing for Same Sex couples? I am sorry for what your wife’s brother suffered not only from AIDS but from the family—- the psychological pain is greater than any other physical pain, I think. But I do NOT blame the family. I think it is an extremely tough issue for the person to accept within him/herself and the family genuinely cared for his soul as they were taught by their religious beliefs and society at large. I am sure he knew your wife, his sister, loved him. As with anything, it takes a major rethink to be accepted as normal. Even within the gay community, people judge each other harshly. I also think the lack of social structures for gay relationships makes the stability of the relationship more difficult. For example, families readily gather round for a young man and woman about to be married. But would that same family be happy with a young man/woman marrying a same sex partner? In many cases, no. Then there are all the other social engagements that support heterosexual relationships— not so much for the gay person. There are many individuals who are “known” to be gay within their families, but the person still is not free to bring his/her partner. It is as though the family is saying, “yes, we love you and it isn’t a problem that you are gay, just don’t put it in our face by bringing your partner!” How would s heterosexual person feel if the shoe was on the other foot? Well, I am tired do I must quit writing. Thank you for being so receptive and for your openness!


      2. Thank you for your kindness. In regards to your sector on same-sex marriages back in the very early first Century Church, to me it makes sense. The Early Greeks had been granted Roman Citizenship and many Greek Citizens liked the young boys so it is logical that at first the Church/Christian concept was accepted by several of what we today would call ‘Gay Folks.’ Thank you for taking of your time to comment, I appreciate you.

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      3. Hmmm…mixed reviews…perhaps you did not intend this, but the sentence, “many Greek citizens liked the young boys”–sounds a bit like PEDOHILISM. And, while homosexuals could be pedophiles, studies demonstrate that between 90-93% of pedophiles are HETEROSEXUALS. And to “say at first”–almost implies “mistake.” The only mistake I see is that people judge others without truly understanding their own sexual orientation, much less that of others.—something we are ALL guilty of. Have a good day! Thanks for the exchange of thoughts! Blessings to you!


      4. Thank you for the kindness of the conversation, I don’t learn much if I refuse to listen to other people speak. I was about a Junior in High School before I ever heard the word Gay, meaning what it does today. During my twenties I got ‘hit on’ hard by Gay Guys about 8-10 times so I did have a bit of a negative opinion because of their aggressiveness. I got married in 99, her brother died in 92, just like mine did (drank and smoked himself to death at 43.) What I have said about me deceased Brother-in-Law is all true. My Brother may have tried to kill him solely because of the ‘Gay Issue.’ Yet I believe he and I could have gotten along okay.


    1. I agree with you, I am and have been a registered independent for a long time. I have voted for some of each party but I will be totally honest with you, this November if I am still breathing I am going to vote a straight Democratic ticket. Both ‘Parties’ have major issues that I do not agree with yet some that I do. To me, at this point in time the Republicans have far more negatives than the Democrats ‘platform’ does.

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  2. Very well written. Still people around the world have misconception that people are not born gay or bi-, their situation make them. For those people; I would suggest to read this and understand how jealousy or ignorance or hate impact our day to day life.


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