38539066_1462008473900129_3210784114445647872_nLamer The Poet writes,

Civilization caused someone to call us blacks.

Our passions and beliefs lured us to believe.

Whether perfect or unmark,

poor or rich,

Africa is the melody of life.

Africa is the bedrock of the world.

Africa is the lampstand.

She is the river of life.

The eagles soar high because of the wind from Africa.

Our continent suffered in the hands of strangers,

no doubt we were stranded.

Yes we were offended!

Africans wept with their beautiful garments in ashes.

Leaders agitated for change.

Voice of hope was loud.

They battled to the last drop of their blood, wherever, whenever for redemption.

In the wombs of our mothers we supported,

because we knew a day will come where the encroachers,

settlers and subjugators would be swallowed.

1957 on the 6th March at the

Old Polo Grounds in Ghana,

the state of Africa using Ghana for example…

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