Messages from the Edge

Out an' About

My sunglasses dropped down the cliff. I was mortified.

Looking down at the ocean from high above I felt an overwhelming urge to get them back.

Ordinarily I would have cut my losses and left them. The jagged cliff hung high over the ocean and the sea below was rough and choppy, but I could see my sunglasses on the rocks below and I believed there was a way down. I was determined to get them back.


So slowly, ever so slowly, I took the first step. I could see what resembled a narrow goat track and felt a sense of determination.  As I set off, each step taken with blind faith, footings appeared in the rocks.

Another step, then a third, and each time I could see a little bit in front of me, not much but enough to convince me I could make it. Half way down and the…

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