Theology Poem: Compassion

via Theology Poem: Compassion

3 thoughts on “Theology Poem: Compassion

  1. I’ve reposted this on Facebook. The simple truth is that regardless of a person’s religion, without compassion they have no real faith. Something along those lines, but not as beautifully said:


    © 2018 Barbara Grace Lake

    When men allege belief in God
    And by their acts cause others pain
    Did God dictate to man, control
    His thoughts, his actions, words or fate
    Why blame your God?

    And does the God to whom men bow
    Direct them to be pitiless
    Demeaning those whom they perceive
    As born imperfect or unwise
    Is this your God?

    Did God create diversity
    Of color, form or shape of eyes
    For men to hew down other men
    Enslaving those of lower caste
    God ordered this?

    Our God created worlds sublime
    Lush beauty, awesome magnitude
    That every child could share a bit
    And see the majesty to come
    This is God’s work.

    No universal God permits
    Abuse and cruelty in His name
    No God avows a hate-filled act
    When men conclude God grants this right
    They have no God.


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