There’s Always Room At the Loser Table

Magical World Web

I have yet to come across a human who isn’t both strong and soft.  The truth of the matter is that we all exhibit strength and weakness in wildly varied ways.

What do I fear?  Being rejected for who I am.

I’m too strong.  Too insecure.  Too independent.  Too opinionated.  Too wild.  Too nice. Too quiet.  Too passionate.  Too sexual.  Too religious.  Too smart.  Too busy.  Too weird.  Too deep.  Too solemn.  I write too fast.  Do too much.  Love too much.  Feel too much.  I’m too artsy.  Too sciencey.  Too obsessed with homeschooling and being a wife/mom.  I’m also too obsessed with having a career outside of that.  I’m too fit and too fat, and too confident when I’m both.  I’m too curvy and too smiley and too sarcastic and too much of a realist.

I grew up at the loser table, ya’ll.  And that was when I wasn’t…

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