Hybrid super-snakes in South Florida?

Source: Hybrid super-snakes in South Florida?

5 thoughts on “Hybrid super-snakes in South Florida?

    1. I enjoy hearing from you, I believe if we were neighbors that we would get along with each other very well. There are certainly many dangers within the physical world that we all live in like things with fangs, poison and so on. These animals are just part of nature, they are not ‘evil.’ Then there are the human beings who by their very nature choose to be evil,(there are also some that are mentally messed up via brain damage, physical or chemical). There are some humans who are unknowingly possessed by one or more of the tens of thousands of Satan’s Angels. There are also some cases where one of these Angels take on human form just like an Angel of Light can do. Yes, I agree with you that many two legged animals are far more dangerous to the human race than the snakes, bugs, bee’s, birds or four legged creatures. Things that can kill our body are bad enough but the things who are trying to kill the body and steal the Soul within it are pure evil and the single most dangerous things on our planet.— As always, just my thoughts and opinions on the issues, I do not expect everyone to agree with me and I know that I do learn from folks who have different opinions than me. I am not a ‘know it all,’ I’m just an old hillbilly. I do hope that you are able to have a great week, stay safe. I am now going to read your poem now, I will leave you a comment when I get done reading it.

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        1. Same here Bojana, it would be real nice for us all to sit around the supper table and just visit with each other. I have spoken often of you to my wife, I know that she would welcome you in our home as we would welcome any of our sisters. If you ever get the chance to travel to the States and you find yourself near Lexington Kentucky please let us know, we would enjoy having you in our home. I would love to just sit and listen to you talk about your life, the adventures that you have lived through both good and bad. I know that there are many things that I could learn from just listing to you, same as I do from just reading your material. I wish you well, I hope that you are able to have a great week, stay safe, best wishes to you and to your loved ones.—ted & Kathy

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