Philosophy Poem: In The Beginning

Philosophy Poem: In The Beginning


In the beginning, but in the beginning of what

In the beginning God created millions of planets

But yet, He created millions of us, yes, like you and I

Yet, did not our parents create us, who created them

The Father of us all created one Human Race, you and I


Did God create the rich and the poor, or is that on us

The Beggar in rags in the street, we have the same Father

Is this his shame, his punishment, or an Angel testing us

Who truly is blind and lame, the beggar, or is it you and I

When do we see, when do we care, when is this beginning


The beginning of our first death is when we are born

The Lord’s love for us began while we were in the womb

Bonds of love are bonds no less, for we are all slaves

We begin empty, life fills up the heart, mind and the Soul

Death is the new beginning of our real life, with God, or in Hell

3 thoughts on “Philosophy Poem: In The Beginning

  1. I so relate to some of the ambiguity I see in this poem. In the beginning? Yes, what beginning? As I see it there is no beginning. There is no ending. there just is. Is there intelligence? Possibly. Is there a moving force? Also possibly, more probably. Is it God? Whatever it is called, it just is. Period. Whatever its nature, we as poets probably come closer to truth than any in science. Ambiguous or not, I love your poem.


    1. I am honored that you liked it Ms. Barbara. I didn’t get into more depth in the poem because I think that most folks would not understand it plus it would have made the poem longer than I wanted it to end up being. Scripture informs us that the Soul is eternal, it comes from God and it returns to God. So in that sense, “when” is “in the beginning?”

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      1. My belief is very simple. There is a creative force in the universe. On earth the seeds of life were planted and evolution took care of the rest. But since there is only the force, we are all both created and part of the creator. All things living, all things inanimate, the earth itself, the cosmos, everything, is part of this entity. When done with our earthly lives we will return to it. Some call the entity God. I simply call it Nature.


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