If Only for a Moment

Objects, and the Distance Between Them

Have you listened to the crickets in the nighttime
How their delicate notes blend as if emitted from a single body
I wish for once we could be as they are
Unified if only for a moment
If only for a song

Have you watched the grass blow softly in the meadow
How every blade bends and bows together as a wave
And I pray such a force may someday fall upon us
That it may sway our bodies
That we may finally move as one

Have you ever laid upon the sands of a sun-drenched dune in the midst of summer
How the grains roll softly around your form before settling gently in their place
And now I think we aren’t so unlike these things
In that we are often driven by forces beyond our control and understanding
In that too often
We stand as if alone
And fall…

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2 thoughts on “If Only for a Moment

  1. Thank you for the reblog; I really appreciate it a lot. It is so uplifting when people enjoy my work, and I am delighted when new people get a chance to read my writing and find my blog through posts like this.


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