Reframe the Psyche for Sanity


“Consider how much vigilance you have been willing to exert to protect your ego, and how little you have been willing to expend to protect your higher mind! Who but the insane would undertake to believe in what is not true and then protect this belief at the cost of truth?” (ACIM, COA ed., T-4.V.17:3-4)

Perhaps, in reading A Course in Miracles, you have balked at accepting Jesus’ assertion that in our usual frame of mind, we have been mad, insane. This may be because we think that we don’t do the insane things that people who are certifiably mad have actually done. Of course, there is a difference, but I think we will see, when Awakening dawns, that our psyche has been skewed. The ego is easily recognized, then, as a form of insanity.

We have to use our imagination to project what life would really be like without…

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4 thoughts on “Reframe the Psyche for Sanity

    1. No I am not able to bike anymore, lightning while in the Army stopped most all of my physical abilities, I can only ride an electric wheelchair these days. We live in eastern Kentucky about 40 miles from Lexington. When I read someone articles and I get down to the bottom where the ‘likes’ are at, if they have at least 7 or 8 connections there I try to click on at least one or two of them to see what those folks have on their blogs. Sometimes I find a persons blog this way that I like so I then read their material and if I like it, I click the follow button, that is how I found your blog.

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      1. cool, thanks for sharing. but i’m sorry to hear about your injury and difficulties. i had a friend killed by lighting the second day of 7th grade. it’s awesome you are involved in blogging. often i write about the challenges and other topics too. i want to read everyone’s but then don’t have time to write. thanks so much!


        1. Thank you for your kindness. I agree that it is impossible for a person to read everything that people write, there isn’t enough time in a day even if they read for 24 hours. Reading peoples blogs is how I travel these days, in my mind. I hope that you are having a good week, stay safe, God bless.


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