Poem To Honor: Goodbye John

Goodbye John


Dear Sir, this week from this world you passed

You were a great man who did live in my time

Over Vietnam’s sky’s risking your life you flew

All of those years in Hanoi’s Hilton you survived

Beaten and Tortured yet still your smile did shine


From Asia’s rice paddies to the deserts of Arizona you knew

Your life you lived with dignity, humanity, compassion and pride

In the Ivory Halls of our Nation your feet with integrity walked

With frauds on all sides with their jealousy and envy they stabbed

Your Voice Sir, one that rang true, in a House filled with liars


Today you lay in rest in your beautiful Arizona sunshine

Tomorrow in D.C. a True Man in Honor, will lay on display

With a chest full of metals with your family linage you’ll rest

You have forbidden the Liar and Coward in Chief to dare speak

Your smile and integrity will long be remembered, as you sleep



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