The palace in the small town


There is a small town called Resen, located in the southwestern part of Macedonia near Prespa Lake in the Prespa region. Prespa region is known as an agricultural region producing apples. It’s one of those places in the country that are off the tourist radar, however, there is one intriguing building that attracts the tourists.


This building outstands from the other buildings in the town by its size and its style. That’s why there are stories connected with this building, especially for the reason why it was built. Here are some of the stories:

Once upon a time, there were two friends who spend their childhood together, they were even calling themselves “brothers”. One of them decided to leave the country and live in Paris, France. After a couple of years, he sent a postcard to his brother and wrote:

“Dear brother, this house in the postcard is my house…

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