7 Reasons To Pay Attention To Our Dreams and Visions

"But there is a God in Heaven who reveals secrets . . ."

The curtain is drawn, and this is the final round. Now, which way are you going to choose? One path is filled with light, a strange magnetism, even the image of a white horse at the end. The other is dark, tangled, uncertain, and a mass of black crows are hovering over it with menacing authority. Which way? Time is almost up. Which way will you go? One might wonder: Is this choice like the one presented in Robert Frost’s poem, “The Road Not Taken”? It is clearly about choices in life – going mainstream or going it alone, and yet this choice feels eternal, powerful, life-altering. It is more ambiguous and dangerous, and yet…..it is only in a dream.

Should We Listen To Our Dreams?

Frost was a man of unique vision. He saw both roads as the same, merging off of one another. Isn’t that like it is…

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