Do animals experience grief? @ConversationUS

via Do animals experience grief? @ConversationUS

One thought on “Do animals experience grief? @ConversationUS

  1. I had two cats, one female mature the other (at the time) a rescued male barely 2 weeks old. We struggled with the rescue kitten, knowing that his eventual survival rate was slim to none. We tried to keep him clean, but not being mother cats were abysmally poor at the job. We called him “Scummy” and it took as a name. About this time, my mature female “Pandora” stepped up to the job and helped us raise Scummy to the beautiful, lithe, adventurous and playful cat he became. The two cats shared everything together, eating, washing up, washing each other’s ears, etc. Then one day Scummy stopped being interested in eating. We took him to the vet. The diagnosis: dilated cardiomyopathy. He became thin, his once luxurious fur thinned, he was a very sick kitty. When Scummy died, Pandora stopped eating. She looked for him constantly. She became thin and haggard. What saved her was sending her to a home where Scummy had never been, so she had no tags of memory to remind her of him. But to I believe animals feel grief? Absolutely. Nothing else could explain Pandora’s feelings. NOTE: Approximately two (2) months after Scummy died, veterinarian Paul Pion, DVM, working with a cat nutritionist at California University Davis Veterinary School discovered that the cure for dilated cardiomyopathy in cats was in adding taurine to the diets. Most cat food producers now do so.


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