Mommas and Their Babies

It was just yesterday, right? Or at the most, last month. But that can’t be right. Impossible! Totally impossible.

Two vivacious little boys, full of personality and gumption, running through our house with Ogre ears on their heads, or wearing their t-shirts on their legs, and their jeans on their heads. Mostly laughing and playing, but an occasional brotherly fight between them. This momma is tired! Tired of this age, and ready for the next stage. Will they ever slow down, and will they ever grow up? Can I mentally stay sane until they start school? Doubtful.

What was I thinking that got me to that feeling of needing mercy from all the noise and boy-drama. How did it seem to never end, yet did. And not just end, but end so quickly, in a blink. Unfathomably sudden.

I look at those days and wonder, “where did the time go?”…

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