Evil in Layers


I’m in a different place in my life than I was 10, 20, 30 years ago. We all go through constant changing – spiritually, physically, our mentality – all change. Just like our intellectual growth, each of us are not the same person we were in years past. Even our cells are in constant regeneration. The body I was born into isn’t even the same body I am in today. Yet, here I am! Incredibly fascinating! And completely complex and mind-blowing to me, who wasn’t gifted with the capacity to understand such an incredible creation as the human body. And truthfully, none of us were. Some may think they understand everything there is to know about “us”, and about creation, but only God.

I posted a simple post a few weeks ago and got a reaction from someone I didn’t know; an atheist. I contemplated responding, then heard a loud…

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