Poem: Praying For God’s Judgement


Lord, why is it that You stand so far from us

Lord, why do You hide Yourself from our troubles

You say that You hate the mouth of a wicked man

Yet the blood of the poor lays upon the Jailers floor


All Branches of government their mouth’s are full of deceit

Your ways are grievous to them, they see You as empty air

Our Leaders murder the innocent and steal all the poor have

The Rulers crouch like Lions hiding behind vain promises

These Liars, thieves and murders think You do not exist nor see


Lord rise up, lift up Your hand, forget not those who love You

I know that You have seen their transgressions, strike them Lord

The rich and the powerful buy the fatherless to be their slaves

The poor and the weak we commit our lives to Your Holiness

Lord break evils grip upon the Earth so no more blood they spill


(The idea for this piece came from the 10th Psalm)

3 thoughts on “Poem: Praying For God’s Judgement

  1. I will answer poem for poem. This one I wrote when I first became aware of who had become the President of the United States.


    © 2016 Barbara Grace Lake

    When all hope dies
    Can ever threads remain
    Of former ties
    To call it back again

    Does hope join dreams
    Mid broken solemn vows
    As uttered means
    Enthralling men to bow

    But threads there be
    So hope is still aware
    Within a sea
    Of monstrous self despair

    We are alive
    Our souls unfettered bare
    And hope survives
    If mantle we would wear


    1. Very nice, I am going to find this one on your site and reblog it for you. If I can’t find it, I will copy paste it into a reblog so that you can get the credit for it, it is a good one.


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