VOID (a poem)

Katie Kay!

 By Katie George

The cosmos haunt my mind like an infinity of twinkling ghosts.

My spirit is plagued by them, as their grace is so binding

It draws its captive in, a vacuum of eclectic energy.

Those stars call out, “Believe in something

Greater than yourself,” and yet I know

My soul is the one to decide.

My soul chooses like

Choice doesn’t


Existence, yes,

Happens to be choice.

These stars are God’s wet tears,

I have decided, and yet I cannot tell if

The cosmic drops are the happy kind or sad.

I have just learned to thank those stars for time, as

Still when I—a living creature—blink up at them, I realize

Their burning spectral light shines even when they are dead.

an explanation.

I wrote this poem for a creative writing class in late 2016. Though I don’t typically write poetry, I enjoyed writing this…

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8 thoughts on “VOID (a poem)

    1. Your quite welcome Ma’am. Ms. Barbra Grace at bglake70.wordpress.com just commented on how much she liked your poem also incase you would like to drop her a line. I hope that you are able to have a good weekend.

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    1. Ms. Barbra, I wish that this were mine but it is a reblog for another writer. I am very glad that you liked her work and I thank you for the kindness of your visit and for commenting, I hope that you are able to have a great weekend.

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