Trump Cancels Military Parade Event He Dreamed Up In France. Why?


China upping the ante; undergoing massive revamp and modernization, United States should be very very afraid.

AIWA! NO! Then press//US PRESIDENT Donald Trump has cancelled plans for a military parade following estimates that it would cost $92 million (£72m).

Criticism was growing over the planned showcase for US military might, which Mr Trump wanted to hold after attending a Bastille Day parade in France.

A parade might be on the cards in 2019 if the cost comes “way down,” the president tweeted, blaming “local politicians” for “price-gouging.” In the…

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5 thoughts on “Trump Cancels Military Parade Event He Dreamed Up In France. Why?

  1. The last thing this divided nation needs is the embarrassment of flaunting our military strength (everyone knows about it) thisxeiukd appeal only to narcissistic and war mongers looking to spend our hard earned tax dollars. Let’s get real for a change.


    1. That is putting it nicely, I feel about this just as you do. I am looking forward to impeachment of this treasonous piece of trash. But Impeachment isn’t good enough, nothing short of life in a federal Pen is good enough for him and his clan. Thing is though that after Manafort is convicted next week, Trump will pardon him quickly. So, Mueller won’t have any leverage to get him to talk once this is done. If Trump is impeached the first thing that President Pence will do is exactly what Gerald Ford did with Nixon, he will pardon him right away so that “the country can start to heal.” Just my thought on this piece of treasonous garbage. Thank you for taking of your time to comment, I appreciate you doing that.

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        1. I agree with you, the Republicans have shown their true face by not impeaching this jerk long ago. Yet, I have no doubt that if Hillary were the one in Office that the Democrats would cover her for/on her crimes just like the Republicans are doing now with Trump. The people do not matter, the Country does not matter, only the Party and power matter, at least this is what I believe to be true.—ted

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