The Meaning of Life: Life

Further Approximation to Original Thought

This post is the beginning of a series – my, perhaps meager, attempt at explaining what purpose humans serve here, on earth.

This first post is to investigate an important term: life, itself.

To figure out the meaning of life, one must determine what type of life they wish to consider, and the definition of life within cet classification.

There are millions of different life forms inhabiting the earth, and it cannot be possible that every entity has the same purpose, as all have separate function, skill, and brain capacity. For the purposes of this series, I will be taking a philosophical look at human life.

As much as humans would like to say they know about “life”, none can be certain of exactly how much is known, as new things are discovered each day, and past discoveries that seemed to be “sure things” are revealed to be incorrect. The most…

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