Debate: Is the secularisation of modern society a bad thing?

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Secularisation is the process of changing certain aspects of daily life so that it is no longer under the influence of religion. This paradigm is being increasingly noticeable and dominant within the politics and civil life of the Western World. But are these impious changes in social behaviour beneficial or troublesome for our modern society?

In 1999, Moojan Momen, a graduate from Cambridge University, devised the process of secularisation into the points below:

  • A decline in church attendance, with fewer marriages, baptisms and funerals being performed under religious auspices.

• The loss of prestige of religious institutions and symbols.

• The separation of society from the religious world so that religion becomes a personal matter.

• The loss of the idea of the sacred. As science increases our understanding of humanity and of the world, the area of ‘mystery’ and the supernatural decreases.

• Religious groups themselves become increasingly concerned…

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