If Our President Is Found Guilty Of Treason: Then What? Part 1 of 2


For those of you who follow this blog I know that you are aware that I am not a fan of Donald Trump or of Mike Pence. You would also know that I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton, the Republican Party or of the Democratic Party. I believe that all of the fore mentioned are selfish, self-centered, crooked, ego maniacs who care nothing about America or of the people of this Country. I believe that by definition, they are all guilty of Treason toward the American people and of the Constitution they swore on a Bible to uphold.


I looked up the word Treason online to see what Google had to say about the definition of the word and it gave me a couple of responses of which I am going to share with you now.

  1. A violation of allegiance to one’s Sovereign or to one’s State. 2. The betrayal of a trust or confidence; breach of faith, treachery.

In yesterday’s edition of the Washington Post under a column they call their “Truth Checker” it said that since Donald Trump became our President he has averaged telling 7.6 untruths per day. You know something, I really do wish that the American Media Outlets would quit saying “untruths” and simply call them what they are, they are called lies folks. Think about it folks, our own President has averaged lying to you and to me 8 times every day since he took Office. Mr. Trump is averaging lying to us more than 50 per week, every week. How would you feel if your spouse lied to you more than 50 times every week? How about your supervisor at your job? How could you or I be expected to believe a single thing that ever comes out of their mouth? I’m sorry but there is no way I could! I love my wife but if I realized that she was constantly lying to me about basically everything, I would insist she find another place to live, wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you feel that you had been betrayed? How in the heck is it any difference with our President, shouldn’t ‘we the people’ insist that Mr. Trump find another place to live, like in the basement in Leavenworth Federal Prison?


I have heard several people say that “they just can’t believe that someone has not shot him (Mr. Trump) yet.” I have told them that I believe a much better response by the American people and legal system would be if that whole Trump crew were impeached, imprisoned for life and to have all of their earthly possessions stripper from them, sold to the highest bidder with all of the money being used to pay down the National Debt. I believe that would hurt them much more than lets say, a firing squad. Obviously I believe that President Trump is guilty of several impeachable crimes, including treason against America and our people. Honestly I believe that a Country, any Country, is their people, not their government. I believe that every single day since Mr. Trump became a viable/possible Presidential contender during his Campaign up until this moment that he and several members of his direct family and staff have been committing treason against us, the American people.


Folks, now comes the basic question of this letter to you. If the Republican Party, and my glorious Senator Mitch McConnell (Senate majority leader) grows a set, what is next? I know quite a few folks from Indiana including family members who have lived there for decades who have told me over and over again that they believe that Vice President Mike Pence is even more dangerous to the American people than Donald Trump is.  Until Mr. Pence became a VP Candidate I honestly didn’t know a lot about him but what I have seen of him since then has given me no confidence at all in him as a Leader. By the American legal code set up in the U.S. Constitution if Mr. Trump is impeached then Mr. Pence becomes our President. Will that mean that with him America will get “back on track?” Honestly I don’t believe that Mitch McConnell and the Republican Party will do anything toward impeaching Mr. Trump until after the elections this November. I believe that the Republican Party has decided to ‘throw their hat’ in with the President for the Elections this fall. I believe that they will live or die with him until then. Personally I believe that in November the Republicans will lose the House by a large margin, the Senate is the main question. The biggest question will be if the Democrats can pick up two Senate Seats to take over the Leadership of the Senate. If this were to happen I believe that Mr. Trump will be impeached by the Senate. This November only 5 Republican ‘at risk’ Senate Seats are on the Ballot, in the 2020 Presidential Elections more than 20 of these Republican Seats ‘will be at risk.’ If the Republicans lose both Houses this November they will not want to go into that election in 2020 with Mr. Trump in the White House. This is what I believe it will take for the Republicans to vote for impeachment. I also believe that if Mr. Trump is impeached that Mr. Pence, as our new President, will pull a ‘Gerald Ford’ and Pardon him as his first official act as President to ‘help America start to heal.” Question is, can we the American people ever really heal with either the Republicans or the Democrats at the Helm of Our Ship?

8 thoughts on “If Our President Is Found Guilty Of Treason: Then What? Part 1 of 2

  1. As historical statement only, I was a Republican up until mid 1970’s. It was then I began to see a disconnect between the Party and the American people. Prior to and in this election, I’ve begun to see the same disconnect in the Democratic Party. I do not know what the answer is. I am as fearful of a Pence presidency and his attempt to bring about a so-called Christian state as I would be of an Islamic president bringing sharia law to the U.S. I believe we have to make absolutely certain, as the Constitution implies, that beyond freedom of religion, we have strict separation of church and state. If a person has to face a jury of their peers, that person must be judged on the basis of law, not someone else’s religious belief. So separation of church and state I see as a first step back towards sanity. Beyond that I do not know. At my age, I doubt I’ll live long enough to see the answers. Your article gave me much to think about. Thank you.


    1. Your welcome Ms. Barbara, I am glad that you liked the article. I agree with you about Mike Pence. I believe that it was in the second part of this article where I was quoting Pence’s Mom and his older brother in a recent interview with a reporter and his Mom said “religion is the most important thing in our life, but we don’t take it seriously.” The most important thing in our life, but we don’t take it seriously, ouch! That says a lot, sounds like a perfect definition of hypocrisy to me. His older brother when referring to Mike even said that he has always been “quite the ass.” They made it quite clear that Mike’s “God” is big money. At least that is how I took their comments. Remember Scripture does not say that money is the root of all evil, it say that “the love of money” is the root of all evil. We are also taught that what ever it is that we hold the most dear to our heart, that which we worship, is our God. If money means more to us than anything else, then money is what we worship, it is our God. There is no doubt that for Donald Trump and Mike Pence they worship the dollar bill as their God. If we worship anything as God, other than God, then it is the Devil that we are worshiping. It is real obvious who’s God Don and Mike’s God is.


  2. I agree with Sally..I was expecting opinions of what would happen if Pence would become president like what changes would he do, how much more would he push religious law, what would he do to the LGBT community. Would he change this tariff business, being buds with Putin and so many things that are unclear. I just assumed you’d have opinions and insight to all of that.


    1. Hi Ms. Sally. I have two things to ask you about concerning thoughts on this post. First I try to not make my post over 1,000 words max because I don’t want to make them so long that people wont read them so sometimes that ‘length’ restrains me from putting more into the post. I definitely am not a professional writer, I wish I were a better writer but I do realize that I am just an amateur at best so I will always except help. Second, if you would, please do give me some guidance on what you would like to have seen in the article I wrote. I am not the least bit angry with you critiquing be on this post, I actually appreciate you for making the comment. If you would please let me know what else I could use to make this a better article in your eyes. Thank you for taking of your time to read the article and for taking of your time to comment.—ted

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      1. Your title implied you would be discussing “what comes after” #45 gets impeached, but you didn’t go there at all. I am many others are quite interested in varying scenarios of the aftermath of all this. If that was not your intention, change the title to fit what you did write. If you do intend to write about that, do it!

        Best to you,



        1. You are correct Ms. Sally, in my attempt to keep my articles under 1,000 words I really goofed. I have been planning to post a part 2 to this article but I have been so sick this past 4 days or so I haven’t gotten to it. I have my notes spread out here on my desk to finish this up and I will get to it very soon I hope. I got up out of bet about 90 minutes ago, it is the first time in about 4 days that I can breathe without major effort and pain. I am still very weak but this is by far the best I have been since about last Friday or Saturday so hopefully I will be able to get this article finished up tomorrow some time. I am going to try to get started typing on it this evening but I am not sure that I have the strength to do very much. I really do very much appreciate you taking of your time to comment, I enjoy the feed back.Thank you—ted

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