Is your phone ruining your workouts?

Asif's Fitness & MMA

I’ve decided to start off my blog with a topic that I find particularly fascinating, and has a lot to do with my generation – our “addiction” to our phones.

As a Personal Trainer and Martial Arts Instructor, I spend a lot of my time in the gym, training myself and others, so it’s not a rare occasion for me to see people working out while on their phones. A common example is scrolling through Instagram while walking on the treadmill. However, this raises the question as to whether we doing this as a form of distraction from our exercise (distracting yourself from pain makes it more bearable, right?) OR is it because we are subconsciously UNABLE to be separated from our phones, for even a short period of time?

Until recently, I didn’t have any strict rules surrounding my phone usage during personal gym time. I never silenced my…

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