Dogs Of War


Once in a while

our dog Pali will find a deer bone

or antler

and she’ll be so proud,

slobbering all over herself

and everything else

just chomping away without a care in the world

and she’ll be content

and take a nap

and her sister Izzy will come along and think

‘Wow, a bone without a dog for a dog without a bone!’

and she’ll take it from under Pali’s paw as she sleeps

but then Pali will wake up

and snap

and she’ll start growling at Izzy

and barking ‘Give it back!’

but it’s Izzy’s bone now

and she’s going to defend it

and she lunges at Pali and bites her

and a battle ensues

and they’re both out for the kill

and it’s a death match

that they’re both set to lose

because, in the fog of war

their sister Lulu walks by

and quietly snatches the…

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