Croatia Introduces Special Quotas For Students From Diaspora

Croatia, the War, and the Future

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If you are of Croatian decent, live outside Croatia, and want to study in Croatia – act now and commence benefitting from special quotas.

Croatian government has, via its Central State Office for Croats Outside the Republic of Croatia, announced the ability of enrolment of students into higher and university studies through a special quota intended for members of the Croatian national minority in European countries and Croatian emigrants into undergraduate and integrated undergraduate and graduate studies of the University of Zagreb for Academic year 201/2019. Link to website:

Special enrolment quotas relate to the two categories defined in Article 2 of the Croatian Relations Act with Croats outside the Republic of Croatia (OG 124/11, 16/12):

  •  to members of the Croatian minority in European countries (Republic of Austria, Republic of Serbia, Republic of Slovenia, Slovak Republic, Romania, Republic of Macedonia, Hungary, Italian Republic, Montenegro, Czech…

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10 thoughts on “Croatia Introduces Special Quotas For Students From Diaspora

    1. I have never been to Croatia before so all that I know of your country is from articles I have read and TV News programs I have seen throughout the years. It does appear that your country has gone through a whole lot of very tough times this past 30 or so odd years, for the peoples sake I hope that you can have a good honest government so that the people can have a more stress free lifestyle. I wish you and your loved ones well, I hope that you are all able to have a good weekend, stay safe, God bless.


      1. How do you like, or dislike, it there? Is this a good safe place to live or is violence always at your door step there? I have to admit that I know nothing of your home so in a few moments I am going to Google it to see what I can learn. I hope that you are having a good weekend.


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