Korean War (24)

Pacific Paratrooper


F-86 aircraft in Korea F-86 aircraft in Korea

1 January, with the new year, the 1st Marine Division continued to occupy and defend their sector, but 2 bombs managed to be dropped on Kimpo airfield and damaged 16 wing-tip tanks (used for in-flight refueling) and a F-86.  The approximate position of the Korean battle line was about 5 miles south-east of Kosong on the east coast to 10 miles southeast of Kaesong in the west.  This was the 319th consecutive day of naval bombardment at Wonsan.

The Fast Carrier Task Force – 77 carried out Operation Moonlight Sonata, which took advantage of the full moon to inflict air strikes on enemy trains.  Five 2-plane groups traveled over 50 mile stretches of railroad tracks to stop enemy locomotives and locate others for future attacks.

Soviet-made Yak-9 Soviet-made Yak-9

4 January, the FEAF (Far East Air Force) reported that 100 to 150 Yak-9 fighter planes were spotted…

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