Iran Regime and Dilemma of Choosing Between Two Deadlocks!

Freedom Star


Hassan Rouhani’s recent remarks, warning the United States not to play with the lion’s tail, sparked a lot of reactions, both at home and on international level, with some suggesting that the remarks point to Rouhani’s twofold strategy. But is there even a strategy out there?

Which strategy, seriously?

Already surrounded by a host of both domestic and international crises, the regime is too incapable to speak of a strategy, a well-calculated plan or a long-term road-map. That’s a reality that even regime’s so-called political, economic and social experts now acknowledge.

As confirmed by regime officials, it’s now 40 years that the issue of resuming political ties with the United States has remained on the table as an unresolved predicament.

On one hand, the regime desperately needs to hold talks and establish relations with the United States, but on the other hand it is taken hostage by its own deceitful…

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6 thoughts on “Iran Regime and Dilemma of Choosing Between Two Deadlocks!

        1. I agree with you. Here in the U.S. we have so many old people in the Congress and the Senate at both State and Federal levels who have been in office for 30-40 years and they are in their 70’s and 80’s. Constructive change will never happen as long as these people are in the positions of power.


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