Black Widow Spider Bite

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Black Widow SpiderBite Dark dowager arachnids are effectively conspicuous. They’re stout, dark, and sparkly, with a hourglass-formed, red check on their bellies. Infrequently, this red stamp may take a somewhat unique shape. In different cases, the insect may have red markings on its back too.This kind of creepy crawly gets its name from its mating conduct. Subsequent to mating, the females ordinarily murder and afterward eat their male accomplices, abandoning them as “dowagers.”

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6 thoughts on “Black Widow Spider Bite

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      2. I have learned, much to my sadness, that there are many Ministers and other Church Officials who do not even believe in God or in what the Scriptures teach. To many they are simply running a ‘business’, they have ‘a job’ that they are doing. As Jesus said “without faith it is impossible to please Him.”


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