Are you depressed or just sad? Signs and symptoms of depression.


When you’re going through a tough time it’s normal to feel down for a while, emotions like sadness and grief – we all experience it at some point in life, maybe some of us more periodically than others. Sadness and depression have similarities, but they have some eminent differences. When people are sad and express their feelings they might feel better, whereas for people with depression, talking and expressing their pain or feeling may not help. Sadness is generally related to a specific situation, but feeling sad about everything in life can be a sign of depression. For most of us, those sad and helpless feelings come and go. But when sadness persists for a long time and affects your ability to function at work, at home, or in other aspects of your life, it might be a sign of depression. Being sad is perfectly normal and will pass; depression…

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6 thoughts on “Are you depressed or just sad? Signs and symptoms of depression.

    1. I am not a doctor of any kind but as a total layman on the issue I would have to agree with you. Either through meds if the issue is chemical imbalances or through life style changes it would seem that most people could at least be helped.


      1. I think that I am simply content with how my life is, there are things that can’t be changed so I have learned that it does no good to worry about such things. I have a strong belief in God and His Son Jesus and this is the point of any strength that I may have. I have horrible health and I have been told by my heart doctors that I probably won’t see the end of this year. Being there is nothing that can be done about it there is no sense worrying about it. Yet I was told in March of 1999 that I probably only had 3 or 4 years to life and that was over 19 years ago. So maybe I will see the new year, maybe I won’t. So, do you see why my thoughts/faith are what they are? It is easy to get depressed and never crawl out of the bed in the mornings but that would just be wasting what little time I do have left so I make myself get up and get on with the day.


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