Hypnotherapy and Panic Attacks

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In my last post, I discussed my experiences with panic attacks, which was very well received. Thank you very much for your positive feedback about it.

I have not posted a blog post for a while because I have been on holiday. 18 months ago, me and my two friends had a crazy idea to save up for an amazing tourist trip to California. We planned for the whole 18 months, deciding what we were going to do, where we were going to eat, everything.

As it got closer to us going, I was plagued by this niggle I usually get before a holiday. My fear of flying. Just thinking about stepping in the airport filled me with dread. Hot flushes, stomach back flips, wobbly legs, the works.

Going to America was also going to be the first time I had flown without my Mum to help me through it…

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3 thoughts on “Hypnotherapy and Panic Attacks

    1. On true ‘panic attacks’ it does seem that at least for some folks there is a medication that can help stop or control them. I have known 2 people who have this issue and they are not pretty to see once they are in full bloom. I have seen it where they can’t find their way home from the grocery store 2 miles away. I have never had one of these things and I hope that I never do.


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