Nature does not hurry, yet everyting is accomplished 🌱🌟🌱

Plants and Beyond

~Lao Tzu

In Lieu of upcoming Father’s day~

Sun Flower Bees Garden Blossom Summer Bloom

“Just look at this Earthly creation”. My father’s words are ringing in my head: “Who designed this beauty? Who is the creator? How did it appear on this planet all on its own?”

Flora Sunflower Yellow Napimádó Summer

Did you know that this Sunflower is the Ukrainian national flower? We ate it as kids and still do eat its seeds as the crunchy snack? Do not wish to share it with birds or squirrels. It’s my, human snack!

Inflorescence Flower Basket Sun Flower Tongue Flower

I love it raw most of all. The yellow leaves can be eaten or brewed in tea. I love everything about this nature’s gift: the sun looking pedals, brightness it adds to the household and its nutty taste.

Sun Flower Close Sunflower Seeds Seeds

Funny memory comes up when Ukrainian middle school boys would run up to farmer market Babushkas, dig their little thief hands in the burlap full of roasted seeds, grab a full…

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4 thoughts on “Nature does not hurry, yet everyting is accomplished 🌱🌟🌱

  1. Nature always takes its time and get things done anyway, but for us…..that’s a different story. We fight, hustle, hurry and end up broken/miserable at times


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