Giant snakes



Here’s a fact that illuminates many of the realities of global conservation: we know more about Burmese pythons in Florida – where they are a destructive invader – than about their lives in their natural range in Southeast Asia, where their numbers are plummeting and their very long-term survival may be up in the air.

Armed with a shoestring budget and a love for mega-snakes, Shariar Caesar Rahman is trying to rectify this incongruent reality by doing something no one has done in Bangladesh before. He’s attaching radio transmitters to snakes – really, really big snakes.

Brilliantly-patterned, Burmese pythons can grow as long as 5.5 metres, making them one of the largest snakes on the planet. Scientists have only recently deemed them a species in their own right, after long being considered a subspecies of the Indian rock python.

“Burmese pythons are either seen by most people as inhabitants of…

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2 thoughts on “Giant snakes

    1. Yep, I agree, that thing would give a person night mares and day mares. In fact it might wake a person right out of their coffin and make them truly become the ‘living dead’. (I don’t really believe in the ‘living dead’ but for the purpose I thought it sounded good)

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