February 1944 (2)

Pacific Paratrooper

Green Island area taken from a PT boat's view. Green Island area taken from a PT boat’s view.

Picture courtesy of PT Boat Red

16 February – 160 miles north of the Truk Atoll, (today known as Chuuk Islands), the US submarine, Skate, sank the Japanese light cruiser Agano in the Central Pacific zone.  They fired 4 Mark 14 torpedoes, 2 hit the starboard side and set her on fire and the boiler room flooded.  The IJN Oite rescued 523 men, including Captain Matsuda.

17 February – for Operation Hailstorm, the US forces headed for the vital air and naval facilities in the Caroline Islands between New Guinea and the Marianas.  Naval Task Force – 58, under Adm. Mitscher, had 9 carriers, 6 battleships sporting a support fleet of 10 cruisers and 28 destroyers, began their wave attacks on Truk Atoll.  The pilots were disappointed that the heavy vessels of the Imperial Navy were not there; Adm. Koga had moved…

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