A Day in St Albans

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A Former Benedictine Abbey Church in All its Glory

Cathedral & Abbey Church in St Albans –  Hertfordshire

 It ceased to be an Abby in the 16th century and became a cathedral in 1877.


St Alban’s Abbey, with the shrine of England’s first martyr, became prestigious and important throughout most of the medieval period and it was England’s premier Benedictine abbey.Rich the Benedictine heritage of this place of worship …

St Benedict taught that “Proper honour must be shown to all, especially to pilgrims.” Hospitality is at the heart of the story of Alban who welcomed the fugitive priest.Today pilgrims from many different Christian denominations are encouraged to follow his ways.The largest of these pilgrimages takes place in June, at St Alban’s Day, with many thousands converging on the cathedral.

* A day after officiating the Royal wedding of Prince Harry & Meghan Markle at Windsor Castle, Archbishop Justin Welby…

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