Calling All Freedom Riders

writing to freedom

Calling All Freedom Riders

Once upon a time, I waved the flag with pride and joy.

Those days are long gone, and way before the current administration. This is simply the latest wake up call. The only real freedom is that which we create from inside ourselves. Realizing that our “great” country is run by corporations with no concern for people or planet, I’ve long since stopped feeling any pride in my country. We are the biggest war machine the world has ever seen, starting with our mass evisceration of the native populations and their culture, then gradually the planet was ravaged in endless wars in the name of democracy, progress, etc. The US has been at war for 222 years of its 239-year history. Expressed another way, we have only been at peace 21 years in our entire existence. Now the corporations (and greedy individuals running them) are…

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