India: My ancestors were not apes, says minister Satyapal Singh


(I am not from India, I am not a Hindu, I am a fundamentalist Christian yet I agree with Minister Singh on this issue. To me, in my beliefs, I believe that Charles Darwin is about 50% incorrect in his hypothesis about the beginning of the human race. I put this oped piece in to this article for the purpose of giving some backing too Minister Singh) (oped by: oldpoet56) 

I’m a science student, I believe my ancestors were not apes, says minister Satyapal Singh

The junior minister in the HRD ministry said people will accept what he said in 10-20 years if not immediately.

INDIA Updated: Jul 01, 2018 10:48 IST

Press Trust of India
Press Trust of India
Press Trust of India, New Delhi
Union minister Satyapal Singh in New Delhi.
Union minister Satyapal Singh in New Delhi.(HT File Photo)

Union minister Satyapal Singh on Saturday stood by his claim that Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution of man was “scientifically wrong” and said that as a science student, he believes that his “ancestors were not apes”.

The junior minister in the HRD ministry denounced those who attacked him over his comments and said “it’s not scientific temper to condemn the point of view of another person”.

“I am a science student and I have completed my PhD in Chemistry. Who all were the ones speaking against me? And, how many people stood by me? We should be compelled to think. We get scared of the press. If not today, tomorrow. If not tomorrow, then in 10-20 years, people will accept what I said. At least, I believe that my ancestors were not apes,” he said at a book launch.

“It’s not scientific temper to condemn the point of another person. Give it a thought,” the minister added.

Singh had a few months ago said Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was wrong and the changes need to reflect in the school and college curriculum, drawing flak from various quarters.

The former Mumbai police commissioner said he was “proud to be an educated politician” and it was the “good fortune” of the country that a “nationalist government with a nationalist mindset” is at helm.

He said 99 per cent of the universities abroad “misinterpret, mistranslate” Hinduism.

“I am writing a book… And there will be a chapter on this. We will not take help from any westerner. We will give validation and documentary evidence, and we will prove what we are saying is right. Did any of our sages ask any professor from England to validate his point?” the minister asked.

The biggest blunder, he added, was that India continued to follow the education system and the mentality of the British.

3 thoughts on “India: My ancestors were not apes, says minister Satyapal Singh

  1. well i disagree. if its gone in religious angle then i would like to say that Hinduism believes apes as ancestors of human being. 2nd i think religion should based on science not vice versa.3rd in subject of science you will learn scientific theory if Singh is such a big scientist then y does he is not applying for isro


    1. I know for a fact that I only know a little about the Hindu faith, so, I cannot and will not try to act like a scholar of the Faith because that would just be foolish of me. I leave the decisions on what the Hindu believing people do or don’t believe to those who live that Faith. I agree with you completely about Science and Religion should walk parallel paths. With Christianity I know that the Bible and Science agree on most things, not all, but they do on most. The issue is that none of the main Protestant faiths or the Catholic Church understand the beginning of the first Book or the ending of the last Book of the Bible. Science is correct about so many things but because Christians close their eyes when they study the Bible, if they actually do at all, they cannot see what is right in front of them. They ‘Christians’ tend to trust ‘Church Doctrine’ instead of questioning what the ‘Church Pastors’ are telling them from the Pulpits.

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