Yugoslav Army Aided Serbs In Aggression Against Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina

Croatia, the War, and the Future

Serbian tactics of denial of its aggression against Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (BiH) and of war crimes committed in the early 1990’s never cease to shock, infuriate and rivets sharp chill-spikes into the spine. The tactics range from playing the victim (when in fact the aggressor), blatant denial, and twisted justification to appearing to discover and rediscover the same thing over and over again that might shift blame to someone else…

The Humanitarian Law Centre (HLC) in Belgrade presented Friday 15 June a dossier/report (“Dossier: Yugoslav People’s Army in the Wars in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina”) (click for full PDF Dossier here) on documenting the role of Yugoslav People’s Army, JNA, after the Serbian leadership headed by Slobodan Milosevic took over control of the army in order to accomplish its wartime goals.

While by using the “Yugoslav People’s Army” (JNA) tag, Serbia may even within this…

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