Importance of Religion


Doubt everything. Find your own light. ― Gautama Buddha 

xfinite_sociology_importance of religion

The existence of religion has formed and spread all around parts of the world ever since the birth of civilization. Some people think that religions are beliefs in mythological figures resulting from ancestral influence and traditional legacy in the mind and the soul of mankind. However, such belief is only a limited edition focusing on a drop of water within an entire ocean. Through the pages of history, religion plays an essential philosophical role and is capable of generating many consequences that could not be forgotten.

Religion assists the world in the process of uncovering its history. This refers to the fact that many of the world’s oldest historical objects are based on religious perspectives. To illustrate, Angkor Wat, the largest Hinduism temple in the world, was built in the twelfth century in Cambodia as an honor of Hindu Gods. At the…

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