The roots cause of the Anglophone crisis becomes inevitable by the government as two cubes sugar refused to melts inside a bucket of water 

Societal Issues and Legality

The impact of various international regimes in Cameroon that is France and England, is ever of great negative significant to the extent tahat even the yet to be born children cry of it. Pertaining to the root cause of Anglophone crisis in Cameroon, it is clear that it all started when the Anglophone Cameroonians were denied the third option of being an independent country of their own in the 1960s. The following are the root causes of Anglophone crisis in Cameroon

The poor foundation of West Cameroon laid down by United Nations(UN) and the international regimes.

There is no doubt that when other countries were asking for their independents from their colonial masters in the 1960s, the Southern Cameroonians were also agitating for theirs also. But unfortunately for the Southern Cameroonians, their quest for total independent was denied by the British in collaboration with UN and France. In this light…

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