Struggle Street

I started “Struggle Street” Oct. 23, 2017 as part of a new treatment regimen. I was hoping it would control my severe depression/PTSD that I had been suffering from since childhood (Reasons). Today I would like to share a brief list of symptoms/behaviors from both before and after this treatment.

Before: fatigue, hopelessness, suicidal thoughts, anxiety, fear, worthlessness, impaired concentration, indecisiveness, insomnia, diminished interest/pleasure in nearly everything, stress, nightmares, avoidance, memory problems, lost relationships, lost jobs, anger, irritability, aggressive outbursts, no libido, self medicating, introvert.

After: energy, positivity, hope, calm demeanor, renewed interest in health and well-being, steady employment, no more suicidal thoughts, mindfulness, focus, philosophical thinking, philanthropic endeavors, belief in humanity, volunteering, controlled thoughts/behavior (I still feel the need to choke the shit out of some folks, but not enough to act on). Still an introvert.

That’s a pretty damn good turn around compared to a (

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