A Prostitute’s Story

How to Beat Depression & Anxiety

a prostitute's storyThe red light district in our town is under a bridge and the surrounding areas of pavement are very narrow. To make matters worse, the road bends sharply at both ends and drivers do not reduce their speed when navigating through it.

This makes it easy for vehicles to mount the pavement and knock over anyone loitering beneath the bridge.

As we were driving past it one evening, I pointed out to my husband how dangerous it was for prostitutes to gather there.

He gave me a quizzical look and replied:

“Can’t you see the irony of what you are saying? You are concerned because you observe the speeding traffic and state it is dangerous – their whole job is dangerous!”

I saw his point. Every day they are at risk of being brutally attacked or murdered. They could contract deadly diseases, become drug addicts if not already, and…

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